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Having problems with your writer?  Noise, Stacking, High Un-translates, Poor Print Quality? We Can Help! 
  • Captioning
  • Shim for shorter stroke
  • Convert to paperless
  • Pre-Owned/Consignment Sales
  • Warranty/Non-Warranty Repairs

Stenograph - Most Makes & Models
        Xscribe - All Makes & Models

ProCat - Most Makes & Models


Mira Overhaul - No longer offered by manufacturer. Call for current pricing.
Stentura Overhaul - No longer offered by manufacturer. Call for current pricing.

Complete Writer Overhaul

AJ Hunn

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How Long Has It Been?

Preventative maintenance on your writer is how you stay in business, as well as, your service provider.  If it has been over two years since your last service, you are overdue.  Your machine is not disposable. It does require maintenance. Pads wear, lubrications dry up and harden, and much more. A new machine will cost you around $5,000.  And with that, you will no longer have me to provide technical support.

Consider Your Option

I can keep your old machine running. If it does everything you need, why invest in a new machine? Stenograph is keeping all services on new writers in house. Your business will rely on their time-frames, their costs, and their support. 23 years I have made myself available to my customers.  You are my business. It's up to you.

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